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Watermelon sugar and strawberry fields: floral and fruity prints

Banana Moon SS21

This summer will be a true return to nature for our wardrobes. Banana Moon translates this into a multitude of funky floral and fruity prints, with tasty strawberries, cute daisies and jungle-inspired prints. It's the perfect opportunity to make it a signature element of your summer look!

The strawberry, undoubtedly one of everyone's favorite summer fruits, is at the heart of the Banana Moon Teens collection. It has been reworked into a small and delicate floral-like pattern for a fun and romantic look.

The vintage-inspired fruity prints make us crave summer and its tasty cocktails and smoothies.

Another must this summer is the daisy print. The white bloomy print is the perfect lighthearted motif, used as en embroidery, a textured solid fabric and even on top of an oversize gingham print for a retro look.

Floral prints never go out of style when it comes to swimwear. Find all color combinations and designs in the Banana Moon SS21 collection.

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About Banana Moon

In 1984, Daniel Flachaire, his wife Veronique and Bernard Donati met Nat Maori, a Young designer from California. Their multicultural backgrounds inspired them to create a unique beach lifestyle brand and they quickly embarked on a journey to launch Banana Moon.

The brand is a fuse between European know-how, dedication to the highest quality combined with Californian sense of style and creativity. Banana Moon quickly became one of the most recognized European swimwear brands and is now distributed in more than fifty countries around the world. The collection has grown to include beachwear, ready to wear and beach accessories in addition to the iconic swimwear line. The brand can be defined by its colorful prints, trendy style and casual look with a sexy twist. We are all about chasing the sun at the beach & catching the waves in style!

In 2006 Banana Moon launched Banana Moon Couture. The brand has been partnering up with several designers with a high fashion and ready-to-wear background bringing innovation and a unique style to this label. Banana Moon Couture focuses on luxurious fabrics and distinctive details to achieve a stylish and flirty look.

Inspired by the Millennial generation, Banana Moon Teens was launched in 2012. The line has a very urban and a sexy athletic look. Banana Moon Teens is getting a lot of attention from fashion forward stores and magazines around the world. Bold statement prints and vibrant colors define this label.

Check out our different labels online and be inspired by Banana Moon’s endless summer journey!